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Ninth century Catalonian, written by the saintly Eimeric Despuig. Hey, not easy to turn into something manageable.

Solaç salaç de cèl·lula ancil·lària

Ah, indelebles matinades de bisbe dilecte maldant faldes amunt!

Dolç gladiol qui ens duus udols i miols melòdics!

Tant de deler a gomboldar-hi, baldament redundés
en lúdiques il·lusions
per les arreludes fondalades de l'al·ludit quòdlibet!

Diem-ho clar: Esternuts d'orgasme.
Qui diu "atxum!" diu "gratulls!".
I eixavuirir's vol dir escórrer's...

Saludi tothom aquest preludi i fiqui-s'hi, simfònic.

Les benaurances del bisbe Gratulls - aquell qui al bec
hi duu l'orgasme - són infal·libles.

Tantost el bisbe en acció, se't mullen els ulls,
et pruu la punta del nas, et pruu (encara pus!)
la llenegoseta claueta del plaer.
I llavors, què...? Melmelades d'orgasme.

Posi's un didal al "dildo" i, dèdals amunt,
burxi-hi - sense fer-s'hi espetegar tampoc cap delicat
tendal de tendrum - que ningú aitampoc no vol, galdós,
anar de dol.


Despuig means orgasm.

Despuig - word you spit when you sneeze, means also, naturally enough, orgasm.

Penelope's son sneezed; he said: "Despuig!" And this was thought to be an excellent omen. She said: "Now - this time it is the time - I'm ready to fuck the fellow comes this way; I mean, man, fed up with the fucking waiting!"

Hear "despuig!" and make - (and imagine it working good) - a wish! And may it come true!

And so people answer: And may it come true! [salut! a vos souhaits! gesundheit! força fins que se'ns clògon! (plenty of strength to them until they close themselves on us) (for the eyes are the orgasms = ah....ah....ay....ay.... = the eyes have the floor) (and despuig = de-compress - rub your eyes and let go.)]

Bishopric of a bishop or episkopos = the one that watches from atop, and rubs with incredulity his eyes at the stupidity of the world.

Despuig's the old hero's the name of the sneeze....not really the name....I mean, the....onomatopoeia....of the sound of orgasm....the people go...."bisbe" or "bishop"....and they think "prick," "dildo," "olisbos," "bisbe...."the name....a dildo that at the itching prick of it sneezes....? Bishops....have you seen the hat they wear....rather, they carry....? kind of elongated prepuce....not, gland....most likely....enormous purple gland....sneezing....gratulls....!ah....the woman, she was called Carrie, Carrie Crawley....bishop....bisbe....meaning bishop....bisbe meaning also the fuck comes Eimeric....? The fellow, his name was Iu, Iu Despuig, the woman Carrie Crawley and the name is....Despuig Eimeric....Eimeric Despuig....Bisbe (bishop) Eimeric Despuig....Bisbe added by yours himself....for the bishop certainly is the one that....offers more "Despuigs...."more tickles in the right places....let's say....more sneezes of orgasm....orgasmic sneezes, orgasmic....sneezes....indeed....the enormous purple gland coming.... spitting

Never so well

Never so well


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